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The Need

At Life Education we truly believe that all children and young people deserve to lead safe and healthy lives – now and into the future.

Preventable chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, strokes, cancers and respiratory conditions now account for 85% of the total burden of disease in Australia – and 90% of all deaths. And the 5 common behavioural risk factors – smoking, physical inactivity, poor nutrition, the harmful use of alcohol and the use of illicit drugs – need to be addressed.

Hospitalisations and deaths related to the use of alcohol and other drugs are also high amongst young people, not just from immediate poisoning from drugs but also from resulting dangerous behaviours – road traffic accidents, suicide and assault.

This is why Life Education exists. If our children and young people are to live active and productive lives – if they are to flourish – it is so important that they learn to make safer and healthier choices.

At Life Education we believe that education is the building block to help prevent dangers associated with unsafe and unhealthy behaviours. Our program aims to instill in children the means to make considered decisions about their own health and safety now and in the future.

But we cannot do this alone. This is why we partner with schools to deliver our vital health and safety messages to hundreds of thousands of children and provide useful and informative resources for teachers. We also continue our support in the home, offering parents, carers and guardian’s tools, tips and activities to ensure all Australian children are empowered to make safer and healthier choices.

Find out more about our program and the work we do in schools.

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