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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Providing health education to 700,000 Aussie kids is a massive job!

Every day of the school year, 85 mobile classrooms travel across the country, from Perth to Palm Island, and a team of more than 100 educators work with local schools to help children make important choices to stay safe and healthy. We can’t do this alone!

We invite you to join our Hands Up Now community – a community of Australians who care about the future of our kids.

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Join Hands Up Now and you’ll be making a real difference, by supporting Life Education to reach some of the remotest, hard to reach schools in the country. Like the students at Dirranbandi State School, a very small town more than 600 kilometres south west of Brisbane.

Join Hands Up Now

It’s so inspiring to see the expression on the children’s faces, the first time the Life Education van arrives in a remote school like Dirranbandi, and their enthusiasm as they participate in our program, and get to meet our much loved mascot Healthy Harold. It’s why our people do the great work that they do because kids love it and they learn vital life lessons from it. Lessons that can stay with them for a life-time.

The need in Dirranbandi is great, but there are so many other communities across Australia where children need help!

Through Hands Up Now, you’ll be helping disadvantaged kids in the cities too. In fact, we want every child to have the opportunity to develop the knowledge and the skills to live a healthy life.

There’s a beautiful quote that says “It’s easier to build strong children than it is to repair a broken man”.

Life Education’s founder, Ted Noffs, understood this. His work at the Wayside Crisis Centre in Kings Cross was dedicated to helping repair broken lives, often as a result of drug and alcohol addiction. It is the reason he founded Life Education and the reason we work in over 3,000 schools today.

Hands Up Now - Join Today

Become a Hands Up Now supporter and let’s work together to build a generation of resilient young Australians. Help us to help them navigate their way through their formative years, as they learn to make choices – from healthy food to staying safe online, to smoking, alcohol and illegal drugs. These are choices that can forever change a young person’s life.

Join Hands Up Now

As a Hands Up Now supporter, you’ll receive regular updates from our work in communities across the country. You’ll receive feedback from children and teachers about the difference that our program is making in their lives.
From just $15 a month, your support can make the world of difference to a child.

Click here to sign up to Hands Up Now, and together let’s take Life Education, our mascot Healthy Harold, and our vital health messages to a new generation of Aussie kids.

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