Secondary - Face The Facts

‘Face the Facts’ drug education for secondary students impacts decision making, attitudes, and empowers young people to make safer and healthier choices.

The 4 modules: tobacco, alcohol, cannabis and legal/illegal drugs complement secondary health and drug education and are delivered in interactive student-centred workshops to class-sized groups by our educators in your school.
Teachers are supported with comprehensive resources to provide ongoing drug and health education in the classroom.

We also support parents with strategies, tools and tips to help their teenagers navigate decisions they may face with peers and in social situations. 

Face the Facts program flyer


Tobacco - Curriculum Links
Tobacco - Pre-visit Activities
Tobacco - Supporting Resources
Tobacco - PPT Slides
Tobacco - Post-visit Activities


Alcohol - Curriculum Links
Alcohol - Pre-visit Activities
Alcohol - Supporting Resources
Alcohol - PPT Slides
Alcohol - Post-visit Activities


Cannabis - Curriculum Links
Cannabis - Pre-visit Activities
Cannabis - Supporting Resources
Cannabis - PPT Slides
Cannabis - Post-visit Activities

Legal and Illegal Drugs

Legal and Illegal - Curriculum Links
Legal and Illegal - Pre-visit Activities
Legal and Illegal - Supporting Resources
Legal and Illegal - PPT Slides
Legal and Illegal - Post-visit Activities