DAIRY EVERY DAY Interactive Resource

DAIRY EVERY DAY Interactive Resource

Looking for a fun way to introduce students to healthy eating and dairy as one of the five food groups?

Our partner Dairy Australia recently launched a fun, new interactive resource for primary school teachers and students to use in the classroom, when talking about dairy as part of everyday nutrition.

The animated resource brings to life the popular Legendairy Every Day nutrition poster in a digital format, designed for use on an interactive whiteboard or computer.

Play the Discover Dairy ‘Every Day’ interactive and your students will learn about the dairy food group and its nutritional benefits, the five food groups important for good health, plus delicious dairy recipes to fuel students for a day of learning. 

The colourful, spinning plate provides illustrations of some foods belonging to each group and helpful advice on the recommended daily serves. It is important to enjoy a variety of foods within each of the five food groups to provide the nutrients children need for healthy growth and development.

The interactive is linked to the Australian Curriculum and supported by teacher and student worksheets, providing practical activities to enhance student learning, with further links to downloadable worksheets on Discover Dairy.

To play the interactive and discover more about dairy nutrition visit Discover Dairy today.