A dairy discovery awaits!!!

Dairy Australia has just launched their new Discover Dairy website! Brimming with all things dairy-related and resources aligned with the national curriculum, Discover Dairy will provide educators with all the tools and resources needed to bring the Australian dairy industry into the classroom.

At Discover Dairy, educators will find a range of free teaching tools including background information, curriculum linked lesson ideas, printable classroom activity sheets and fun, interactive games for primary school students.

Discover Dairy also houses an online recipe hub to assist school canteens in filling their menus with tasty dairy snacks which are quick, simple and delicious!

The Fuel for Life component specifically explores the importance of children consuming a balanced diet to ensure they have an adequate intake of essential nutrients for a healthy lifestyle.

Visit: www.dairy.edu.au/discover-dairy/modules/fuel-for-life
The Unbeatable Bones component covers the importance of building and maintaining strong, healthy bones throughout life. You will find facts about bones and the human skeleton, how dairy foods can help to build strong bones and information about osteoporosis and how it can be prevented.

Visit: www.dairy.edu.au/discover-dairy/modules/unbeatable-bones