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Cybersafety for Parents - Vodcasts

Videos which identify key areas of concern that parents and children have expressed whilst being online.

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Should you have a family technology contract?

A Family Technology Contract? Should You or Shouldn’t You?

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Oversharing – Don’t blame it all on the kids!

No matter which way you interpret the plethora of research, it is very clear – our teens are oversharing...

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How Safe Is Your Personal Information Online?

Ensuring you and your family’s personally identifiable information is secure online is essential to ensure your family’s safety and your financial health.

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Passwords – It’s Not Cool to Share

Troubling new research released by Intel Security shows that more than a quarter of Aussie kids aged 8-16 know the passwords of others.

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How to recognise bullying and do something about it

25% of year 4 students are affected by bullying, with the number rising to a shocking 35% in the final two years of primary school.

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Wednesday, 09 Mar 2016

The Secondary Program is Here!

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Surfing: My Sport

Originating in Hawaii, surfing is one of the most popular sports in Australia, and with 40,000 kilometres of coastline, this could be a great sport for your child!

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Alcohol effects on teenage brain and how to talk to your child

Did you know alcohol consumption can negatively affect brain development?

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Latest Teens, Tweens and Technology Research

Sometimes as parents we need a little pat on the back and confirmation we’re doing something right.

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