We would not be where we are today without the help of our tireless and selfless volunteers who give of their time to raise money for Life Education, or help spread the word about our important work.

Interested in volunteering?

Life Education can offer a range of volunteer opportunities that:

  • Fit your schedule

  • Match your interests

  • Build your skills

  • Are short or long term


  • Where can I volunteer?

    Life Education has local offices and communities throughout Australia who welcome volunteers.

  • How much time would I have to give?

    This depends on what time you have available and what you'd like to do for us. We will try to be as flexible as possible. Any roles that require a more specific time commitment will clearly state this in the role description.

  • Will you interview me?

    For most roles we’ll invite you to meet us for a chat. It’s a chance for you to find out more about the role and the organisation, and we can better match your skills and interests to the tasks we have available.

  • Do I need to supply references?

    Yes, we will ask you to supply this information on your application form.

  • What skills and experience do I need?

    Many roles just require your time, energy and enthusiasm! Volunteer role descriptions will list any additional skills or experience you may need for example, having a background in health, education, marketing and communication, office administration, business, project management or related disciplines. Given the nature of our organisation, all Life Education volunteers will need to have a police check and a ‘Working with Children’ card.

  • What support and training will I be given?

    Volunteers receive an induction and will be given all the training and support necessary to feel confident in the role. Staff members are on hand to provide ongoing help and support.

  • None of the volunteer roles suit me, can I still help?

    If you're interested in sharing your professional skills and there are no opportunities that match this, please contact your local Life Education office.

  • I still have questions about volunteering.

    If you have any questions about volunteering for Life Education after reading these FAQs, you can contact us with any questions.