Partnerships & Sponsorship

There are lots of ways you can affiliate your company with Life Education Australia and many options available to suit your needs and your budget.

How will a partnership benefit you?

  • Reach around 700,000 children (and their parents), 28,000 teachers & exposure to over 140,000 fans across our social channels
  • Naming association with Life Education  and profiling through a broad range of Life Education materials, channels and communications
  • Leverage your association with Healthy Harold, one of Australia’s most trusted mascots who resonates with millions of 16-40 year olds - graduates of the Life Education program
  • Publicly align with one of the most well-recognised and respected brands in Australia – and the iconic mascot Healthy Harold, which has excellent resonance & cut-through in the Australian context
  • Enhance your organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility philosophy and credentials. Actions really do speak louder than words!
  • Leverage compelling PR opportunities and potential exposure across a vast range of LEA stakeholder communication channels

Available benefits include: advertising, promotional opportunities, media exposure, extensive logo and company acknowledgement, corporate hospitality, positive association – and of course nothing beats the feeling of making a difference.  

Current Opportunities

  • Pre-primary school programs
  • Upper primary school alcohol program
  • Online opportunities
  • Mobile Learning Centres 

We are also open to discussing other opportunities that may be more in line with your business objectives.

How can your company to get involved?

Get in touch today for information on specific ways in which your company can get involved with Life Education.

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