3 fun ways to change children’s eating habits

If you’ve got a sweet tooth or fast-food lover on your hands, you can convert them to a new love of fruit and vegies. But it’s got to be FUN. Our friends at Woolworths Fresh Food Kids, have come up with three easy and entertaining ideas that will have the biggest sceptic thinking fresh fruit and vegies are the bee’s knees, and better yet, they will totally want to gobble them up!

Funny faces are yummier!

There’s something appealing to kids about shapes and faces, so we say encourage that unique funny bone of theirs by building a funny face for dinner.

  • Ask them what vegies/fruits would be great for hair… (lettuce works well)
  • Ask them what vegies/fruits would be great for ears… (halved cucumbers)
  • Ask them what vegies/fruits would be great for lips… (eg: sliced capsicum)
  • Ask them what vegies/fruits would be great for eyes… (try cherry tomatoes or anything round)

Spark their imagination to ignite their appetite

A fun name sounds fun to eat. On a menu would you opt for ’carrots’ or does ‘X-ray carrots’ just sound way tastier? Adding a fun new name to vegies or any food can ignite their appetite and it can be easy to do.

  • Are they into dinosaurs? Then put dinosaur broccoli on the menu for dinner.
  • If they’re big on monsters, make them a monster smoothie.
  • You can do this with colour too – fire-engine red capsicum just sounds yummier. You can even take your kid on a favourite-colour finding mission on your next shopping trip to find a vegie in the shade of their favourite colour and then have it on the menu for dinner. This real-world interaction with vegies helps teach kids about variety in a fun way. We have done this ourselves by inviting schools on a Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tour in our stores, where young pupils can interact with fruit and vegies in a fresh and fun new way.

Food is fun when we make it with our parents

Your little sponge is eager to learn more about food: how it’s planted, grown, cooked and every stage in between. If you make it a shared family activity, then they will enjoy it all the more. 

  • Growing herbs or a small and easy berry bush, like blueberries or raspberries.
  • Make up a recipe together based on your child’s favourite fruit and vegies, or follow a recipe together. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it just needs you cooking together as a family.

Healthy Harold agrees - cooking healthy doesn't have to be a chore!

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