Engage your children's senses in fruit and vegies

Children love to learn. Our friends at Woolworths Fresh Food Kids know this and recommend employing their five senses (touch, taste, sound, sight, smell) to get them interested in fruit and vegies – and yes, it’s possible!

TOUCH: Kiwifruit is furry and bananas are super smooth

Every time you’re in a supermarket with your child, teach them the ‘touch’ discovery tool you’ve been using for years to select your fruit and veg. We are inviting schools on a Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tour in our stores, where young students can learn about the colourful world of fruit and vegetables in a fun and interactive hands-on experience. Here’s how you can recreate that with your child:

Fruit has many different textures

The hairy skin of a kiwifruit is very different from the smoothness of a banana or apple. Ask them why they think they have different skins. Add to the discussion by questioning which fruit’s skin is edible.

The hard buds of an artichoke are very different to a tree-like broccoli. Explain the different edible parts of each. You could take this further by preparing and cooking both so they can add ‘taste’ to the experience.

TASTE: Why does a lemon make my face scrunch up and an apple makes me smile?

Our taste receptors respond to five tastes, even though we tend to largely preference salty and sweet. Kids should get to experience sour, bitter and savoury tastes, too.

Introduce a sweet (apple) and sour (lemon) taste difference and ask them how the tastes are different, see if they can locate the sweet and sour taste bud on their tongue. Bitter is at the back, sweet is in the middle, salty is on the tip and sour is on the sides.

With vegetables, you could use savoury (avocado) and bitter (rocket) tastes to spark a discussion.

SOUND: I can make carrots and apples make a loud CRUNCH

The obvious choice for an actual audible sound is the ‘crunch’ when biting into apples and raw carrots but you can also make ‘sound’ part of the education around ‘freshness’:

When they break the florets off broccoli stems, ask them what sound it makes. You could get them to note how ‘fresh’ a vegetable is by sound: such as it makes more of a snapping sound when broccoli is freshest.

SIGHT: Dragon fruit doesn’t fly and blow fire!

There are a lot of discoveries to be made by simply cutting open a fruit or vegie! It makes for a great guessing game: guess what colour this dragon fruit will be on the inside?

Fruit: lychees, dragon fruit, pineapple and watermelon are perfect for seeing the differences between the outer shell and the interior flesh.

Vegetables: potatoes, zucchini, okra and Japanese pumpkin have different exteriors to interiors.

SMELL: tomatoes smell like a warm summer’s day

A sense of smell gets stronger when it’s isolated, so this could be used as a fun guessing game with a blindfold. If they’re up for it, you could do both smell and taste to guess the fruit – taste may not work so well for the vegies!

  • FRUIT: bananas, berries, tomatoes (technically a fruit!) are perfect for smell. Make sure all are ripe to enhance their aroma.
  • VEGIES: onion (careful not to get too close or the eyes will water!), garlic and herbs all work well for guessing.

Discover the wonderful world of fresh fruit and veg

Download the Woolworths Fresh Food Discovery Tour flyer

Your school is invited to join our friends, Woolworths, on Fresh Food Discovery Tours.

Helping the next generation of Fresh Food Kids, Woolworths creates engaging in store experiences for students of all ages.

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