What Your Child Learned

It’s so important for Life Education that we support you in raising your children to be happy, healthy young people. Together, with what you’re teaching your child at home, and what they’re learning in our mobile classrooms, they will have the very best chance in life.

Want to know what your child learned in the Mobile Classroom today?

Click on the relevant link below to find out and, while you’re there, check out the 'conversation starter' ideas so you can carry on discussing the lessons at home. We’ve also included some fun and engaging online and offline activities you can do with your child.

Let’s give our kids the best opportunity to make safe and healthy lifestyle choices, together.

Junior Primary (5-8 years)
Harold's Surprise
Clued Up
Harold’s Mystery Tour
Harold’s Heroes

Junior and Middle Primary (5-10 years)
Harold’s Diary
All Systems Go

Middle and Upper Primary (11-13 years)
Mind Your Medicine
On The Case
Think Twice
It’s Your Call