Tip 1: Security Software

TIP 1: Be sure you have reputable computer security software with parental controls installed.

Try to discuss some online security issues with your children, focussing on the areas where they can contribute to making themselves safe online. Explain the reasons for wanting to use certain online tools which are designed to protect you and your family.

In addition, there are certain tasks you can undertake to ensure your family’s security. Make sure you have robust security software that protects your computer against viruses, hackers, and spyware. This software will also be able to filter offensive content, pictures, and websites.

These tools should be updated frequently, as new threats are emerging daily, so security that updates automatically is the best choice.

Conversation starters to help you discuss this with your children:

  • Tell me what you know about viruses, spyware and hackers?
  • Tell me what you know about identity theft?
  • What steps can we take as a family to stop this kind of thing occurring?
  • Can you check with me or another adult before inserting any details, even your email address online so we can look at it together?