Tip 1: Mutual Trust

TIP 1: Create an environment of mutual trust with your child so they feel comfortable talking to you about their online experiences.

This is particularly important so your children know that there will be no punishment for speaking up about cyber bullying (whether victim or bystander). This could prevent them experiencing cyber bullying or could assist one of their friends who is being cyber bullied.

Building trust with your children can be as simple as sharing your own experiences, keeping in touch with their online activities and offering support and practical advice rather than harsh punishments.

No form of bullying is OK and should be reported to a trusted adult immediately.

Conversation starters to help you discuss this with your children:

  • What advice would you give a friend if they got texts or emails that made them feel upset or angry?
  • What could we do to stop this sort of thing happening?
  • Do you think people treat others differently online/in texts or email than face to face? Why? Is this ok?