The Healthy Eating Pyramid

In a world where we are regularly bombarded with new facts and figures around what we should be eating but the Healthy Eating Pyramid has stood the test of time.

The visual below shows how food from each of the 5 core food groups contributes to a healthy balanced diet.

The rise in exclusion and fad eating has seen many of our diets change and alter over the years. This pyramid demonstrates, that for most of us eating from across the five food groups will provide all the nutrients we need for health.

For young children this is especially important, as the eating habits they adopt in early life can have lasting impacts on their approach to food later in life too. It is also vital that children receive all the nutrients and energy they need to aid their physical and mental development.

Healthy Eeating Pyramid

  • Enjoy a variety of foods from the five core food groups
  • Choose mostly plant-based foods
  • Limit foods high in saturated fats, salt and added sugar
  • Choose water as your main drink

The message the new pyramid sends us is simple; that the best way to have a healthy balanced diet is to limit saturated fat, added salt, added sugars and eat a range of foods from across the core 5 food groups. To be structurally sound the pyramid needs all its layers and bricks, we should see our diets the same way, and we need all the building blocks to have a healthy, balanced diet.

But what does this all mean for parents? Well it means if you are providing your child with a variety of foods from across the 5 food groups, encouraging and modelling drinking water over sugary drinks, encouraging and modelling physical activity, limiting the amount of foods high in saturated fat, added sugar and salt then you are on the right track to helping your children develop healthy eating habits.