Summer Holiday Activity: grow your own veggie patch

Did you know that 49% of Aussie kids don’t get the recommended daily intake of fruit and veggies? And adults, we are often no better – only 8% of us get our 2 and 5 a day!

At Life Education we want to bring back the veggie! Not only are they really tasty, but there are so many different ways to cook and eat them and with such a huge variety of fruit and vegetables available to us there is one for all tastes.

  • Let them choose and plant seeds, dig holes and mark spaces for different seeds.
  • Kids love playing with water, let them help by turning the hose on the lowest setting or fill up a small watering can and explain to them why plants need water to grow.
  • Checking for weeds, make a game of it, see who can find the most weeds and dig them up, be sure to explain to them the difference between the plants you want to keep and those you don’t!
  • Of course all children will want to help with harvesting, show them which fruits or vegetables are ready to be picked and help them to rinse dirt and soil from the freshly picked goodies!
  • Labelling; ask your kids to design labels for each plant in the garden and to make daily checks to see how their veggies are getting on.

To keep safe in the garden we recommend investing in some gardening tools, specially designed for little hands, without sharp edges – also look out for kids gardening gloves. Avoid using any chemical fertilisers and make sure they have covered shoes to protect tiny toes!

Any gardening activity needs full adult supervision and remind your children never to eat anything they have pulled from the garden unless they show you first and you know what it is.