Safe storage and use of medicine

As adults we know that medicines of the keeping us healthy and can be used to treat or protect the body from pain, illness or injury. We know they can come in all different forms and how to identify natural or complementary medicines such as herbal products and vitamins.

What you may not know is that medicines are the leading cause of child poisoning in Australia and are only safe and effective when used and stored correctly.

Top tips

  • Store out of reach of children
  • Measure and time dosages correctly
  • Do not share with others
  • Dispose of medicines by returning them to the pharmacy
  • Always use with the advice of a health professional and be aware that all medicines, including complementary, medicines can have side effects
  • All medicine should be given with adult supervision

Mind your medicine

Help your child and their friends to make safe choices around medicines. Harold's Summer Holiday speaks all things safety with preschools and Mind Your Medicine helps primary school children understand medicines and the impact they have.

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