Road safety in and out of the car

If you’ve spent any time on our roads during peak, you would understand the dangers congested roads create – especially for children. We’ve been sharing tips like these with children for over 40 years but it’s never too late or too early to educate your own children.

Safety outside the car

Awareness is critical for children around roads. As parents, you can be an example of this by following these four simple steps:

Stop, Look, Listen and Think - Road Safety tips from Healthy Harold

1.    STOP and wait before crossing a road
2.    LOOK both ways
3.    LISTEN for oncoming traffic
4.    THINK “Is it safe to cross now?”

By following these steps, children can usually cross safely, but make sure to also hold hands and choose a safe place to cross.

Being safe inside the car

While crossing the road is a big risk for young children, road safety applies inside the car too. When travelling with your children, ensure they:

  • Always wear seatbelts – It is illegal not to wear a seatbelt, and for good reason. Seatbelts are the number one preventer of motor injuries. Make sure your kids stay strapped in and set a good example by putting on your own seatbelt at all times.
  • Use the correct restraints and seating – when children are correctly secured in the right child seat they are less likely to be injured than one who is not. Use the guide below to find the correct seat for your child and visit for more information.
Your guide to seat belt use in Australia
  • Don’t distract the driver – Don’t let your kids distract you from driving. Try books or a small toy for longer trips and remember, if you are feeling tired or fatigued, take a break. Read our road safety tips for families for more information.
  • Never leave children alone in a car – Even on cool days, the temperature inside a car can increase by up to 40 degrees. It may seem like common sense but the NRMA rescues 2,000 children left in cars every year.