Packing a healthy lunchbox

When children eat well they behave better. They are also able to concentrate for longer. Packing a healthy school lunchbox will help them to learn and be happy at school.

7 steps to a healthy lunch box

1. Make time to prepare. Write a shopping list to make sure fresh fruit and vegetables, milk and yoghurt, bread and crackers are available

2. Shop wise and save money. Buy seasonal fruit and vegetables to ensure good quality and value for money.

3. Make your own snacks. Build snack packs from fresh ingredients bought in bulk.

4. Look after the environment. Put sandwiches and other items in reusable containers instead of plastic.

5. Choose a mix from the 5 food groups - grains, fruit, vegetables, dairy and proteins.

6. Include a bottle of water. No need for sweetened drinks such as juice, cordial or soft drink

7. Keep it cool. In warm weather freeze a water bottle or put a small ice pack in the lunchbox.

Content used with permission from Nutrition Australia as part of Healthy Lunchbox Week