On The Case

On the Case gives children the awareness, knowledge and tools to make informed, safe, and healthy choices if confronted with decisions about smoking or in situations where they are exposed to smoking.

During 'On The Case' sessions, students join Mac McHardy, time travelling detective, to investigate issues around tobacco. Their mission is to gather evidence to persuade McHardy’s great, great, great granddaughter not to take up smoking in the future.

What did they learn?
Key topics covered include:

  • The physical, financial, social and environmental consequences of smoking
  • Strategies to deal with exposure to second hand smoking or the offer of a cigarette
  • The history of tobacco smoking and the current laws around its use and sale
  • Why young people and adults choose not to smoke. Expect to hear the words yucky, smelly and gross!!

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The Smoky Case App

Smoky Case App

Help time travelling detective Mac McHardy and his sidekick Conan explore facts and find hidden clues to solve the case of why smoking is unhealthy. As a family discover what makes up a cigarette and the chemicals they contain, find hidden clues to help discover why smoking is unhealthy or take a selfie to magically see how you may look after smoking with a ‘Smoky Makeover’. Challenge your family to see who gets the highest score on ‘Run Conan Run’ as he avoids the unhealthy aspects of smoking to stay fit and healthy.


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