Netball: My Sport

Did your family recently watch the Netball World Cup? Or maybe your child is a netball fanatic! It should be no surprise; netball is played by more than 20 million people in more than 80 countries worldwide. In Australia alone, it is the most popular women’s sport with an estimated 1 million players across the country.

Netball is a terrific non-contact sport for children and adults alike and teaches great team work, skill and communication. It is a fantastic cardiovascular workout which improves strength, balance and coordination.

Q:How long have you been playing netball?
A: I started playing netball when I was 7 and since then it’s been 6 years

Q: What is your favourite position to play?
A: My favourite position is Goal Shooter because I like shooting.

Q: Who is your favourite Australian netballer?
A: My favourite Australian player is Caitlin Bassett because she plays GS for the Australian Diamonds and I learn a lot of tips and tricks when I watched her play

Q: What do you love most about netball?
A: I love netball because you meet new friends, learn lots of skills and be active whilst having fun!

Although traditionally a sport for girls, there is no reason that it can’t be played by mixed teams too! If you or your child is interested in netball, check out the Netball Australia website and find a team near you!