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Primary - Think Twice - Year 5-6

‘Think Twice’ helps upper primary students explore a range of issues around the social, legal and physical consequences of alcohol consumption.

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Primary - Decisions - Year 5-6

This module offers a choice of content on legal drugs or legal and illegal drugs.

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Primary - Harold's Diary

Harold offers to share with the class his diary entries about one week at school. This is a way of exploring relationship and friendship issues relevant to middle year students.

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Secondary - Face The Facts

‘Face the Facts’ drug education for secondary students impacts decision making, attitudes, and empowers young people to make safer and healthier choices.

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Primary/Secondary - Talk About It

This new and innovative Sexual Health and Relationships program has been developed to support the new Australian Curriculum.

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Primary - Relate Respect Connect - Year 5-7

This module explores building positive, safe and respectful relationships

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