Mind Your Medicine

Mind Your Medicine helps children to explore medicines, how they can help and affect the body and why some people need them, as well as how the social and emotional aspects of health can positively or negatively affect health and wellbeing. In a game show format with games, quizzes and short videos, children are encouraged to answer questions, solve problems and start discussions to help them develop skills and strategies to navigate their way into safe and healthy adulthood.

Specially developed for children aged 8-10 years old (middle primary), topics include:

  • Factors that influence self-worth, such as, self-talk and self-image
  • Techniques for effective communication
  • Helpful strategies for managing stressful situations
  • Thinking about medicines as drugs and the consequences of their misuse

Parent resources

Working together with our module sponsor, Bio Island, we have developed a range of parent resources to help you continue the learning at home.

Medicines, do we need them?
Helping parents navigate the tricky question - does my child actually need medicine right now?
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Safe storage and use of medicines
Did you know that medicines are the leading cause of child poisoning in Australia? Find out how to store and use medicines safely in the home.
Top tips

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