Making a splash this summer!

The Australian summer is well and truly here! For many of us that means, beaches, pools, lakes and rivers – having as much fun as possible splashing about and cooling off on long, hot, humid days. Even better, swimming is a great way for the whole family to keep fit and healthy.

Before the start of the summer season do a pool safety audit. Are all the grates, pumps and suction fittings secured and undamaged? Are all electricity cables kept out of reach from little hands and away from the water and are all branches away from a child’s reach?

Swimming in unpatrolled areas:
Flat, still surfaces of lakes and rivers can be deceiving and may be hiding submerged objects such as branches, weeds and rocks that can be alarming and frightening to young children. Always ensure an adult enters the water before any children, slowly, feet-first . Keep your eyes peeled for crumbling or slippery banks and alert your children to objects underwater.

At the beach:
Always swim at patrolled beaches, look for those trusty red and yellow flags and read any beach safety information when you arrive at the beach. Look out for rips and large waves and never swim alone. If you visit a beach where there may be stingers wear a stinger suit or a rash vest and keep a close eye on any curious children!

Be prepared:
Swimming lessons for all your children are a great start, but as parents you may also want to book into a first aid course. These are readily available through Royal Life Saving and can make all the difference in an emergency.

At Life Education, we teach about the importance of exercise for a healthy lifestyle. Getting outside in the summer can be a great way for the whole family to get some extra exercise and fresh air but make sure any outdoor play occurs in a safe and managed environment.

For more information about water safety visit Kids Alive for videos, resources and articles.

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