Let’s Bring Back the Vegetable!

It's time we brought some praise on the humble vegetable - they are full of nutrients, easy to cook and best of all taste great! So join us as we 'Bring Back the Vegie!'.

We’ve all heard we should be eating our 2 and 5-a-day, and many of us do; we throw some berries on our morning bowl of cereal, grab an apple at lunch and maybe some mango for pudding – fruit is fabulous! But whilst we fill our shopping trollies full of, apples and oranges, blueberries and bananas and pineapples and passionfruit, apparently we oh so frequently forget the simple veggie!

As we waltz past the mounds of eggplant, pass over the cauliflower and stare positively puzzled at the celeriac, our veggies get left behind.

A recent report on the state of Australia’s health from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare revealed some worrying statistics, primarily around growing levels of obesity in adults and children. This is accompanied by disconcerting figures around fruit and vegetable intake for children and adults of 49% and 8% respectively with our intake of the veggie disproportionately lower.

So let's bring back the vegie! Let’s elevate the lonesome leek or the poor old frozen pea hiding in the back of the freezer, because the wonderful thing about eating the right balance of fruit and vegetables is that they all help us fight the risk of contracting lifestyle induced chronic illness, such as obesity, heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

At Life Education, we believe that educating children from an early age about the benefits of eating healthily and exercising regularly helps to curb bad habits that progress into adulthood. Our programs for children of all ages help kids to make healthy decisions when it comes to the food they eat, the exercise they do and also some crucial lifestyle choices they make in the future.

As a family, we can do even more! Together, we can talk about and understand what consequences poor eating habits and unhealthy choices will have on all of us. Making lifestyle changes is incredibly hard on your own, with family support you can achieve your own goals, whilst also, more importantly, teaching your family healthy habits that they can adopt and live by.

Next time you do your shopping add a few extra greens (or get your kids to choose them!), maybe a sweet potato or a bulb of fennel and try out some of our ideas:

1. Why not make a winter vegetable soup and see how many different vegetables you can add to the one batch?

2. Create a rainbow salad for lunchboxes, the more colours, the more vegetables and fruits you have used!

3. Roast up some veggies, and make a quick an easy pasta salad.

4. Love pesto, but want to up your greens? Why not try making a rocket or kale pesto, with lots of lemon and some parmesan cheese?

5. Make veggies fun! Try building faces with different vegetables or build a broccoli forest.