Clued Up

If a Life Education Educator and our mascot Healthy Harold came to visit your child’s school today they may have participated in the ‘Clued Up’ session.

What is ‘Clued Up’?

How old does my child have to be to participate in ‘Clued Up’?
‘Clued Up’ has been developed for children aged 5-8 years old (junior primary). 

What did they learn?
Key topics covered include:

  • What our body needs to stay healthy and safe
  • Safe and unsafe behaviours and environments
  • How to help others
  • Trusted adults to go to for help, such as, doctors, policemen, teacher and parents.
  • Healthy food choices.

What you can do at home

We recognise that parents and carers have a pivotal role in supporting children to make safe and healthy choices. If your child did receive the ‘Clued Up’ session, we are sure they will be excited to tell you all about it. But whether they participated or not, we have suggested some ways as a family that you can help your children explore some ideas in home about what makes up a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy breakfasts
Ask your child to help plan a healthy breakfast for everyday of the week. Encourage them to help you prepare it and understand why each element is important for our bodies. Here are some great recipes to inspire you!

Go for a run
Kids and teens should get at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. In your garden or at a local park set up a running track and get the whole family moving. Have a competition to see who can run the furthest or who can run the fastest!

Have a chat: Speak to your child about what they learnt during the ‘Clued Up’ session; here are some ideas to start the conversation:

  • Can you tell me about healthy foods?
  • If one of your friends is feeling sad at school, what could you do to help them?
  • Why do our bodies need exercise?

Download our printable 'Clued Up' and pop it up on your fridge!