How to talk to your children about drugs

Be informed, prepared and willing to have positive conversations now instead of scary reactionary discussions when it's often too late. Find out more from leading psychologist and parenting author, Dr Justin Coulson in the video below.

Conversation tips

1. Start today
By reading resources like this, you have made a great start. By being prepared to have these discussions, you are avoiding emotional reactions and stressful situations.

2. Create situations
In the Life Education program, we work with the students to create possible situations they may face. By working through these together we can help equip them with real-world examples of making safer decisions. Try this at home, ask your children to come up with some scenarios or make up your own.

3. Reassurance
No matter what you talk about or share with your children, make sure you reassure them. Let them know they are not alone and that you are always there if they need you. By doing this, there's a better chance they will share a challenge they are facing instead of battling alone.

Empowering young minds

The two modules below help students to make safer choices around drugs and alcohol. Empower your children, and others at their school by submitting a booking enquiry today.

Think Twice Decisions

Secondary school program