How to keep your family active in the winter

Even though the cold weather is starting to set in, that does not mean you need to just stay inside the house and hibernate this winter.

Winter is often the time of the year that everyone overindulges in warm comforting foods and reduces the amount of physical activity they are doing. However, it is still important to keep the blood flowing and stay active during the winter months and whilst you can always add on layers before heading outdoors, here is a list of options to keep your family active and warm this winter.

Indoor sports centres often have various sports that adults and children can participate in such as basketball, cricket, netball or soccer. Sign up and become a part of a team so not only will you be staying active you’ll be meeting new people and making new friends at the same time.

There are also several indoor trampolining centres and skate parks that are around. These can be lots of fun for the whole family on a rainy Sunday afternoon! Heated indoor pools also means you can swim no matter what the weather is doing!

Tenpin bowling to stay active

Put on your bowling shoes and head to your local tenpin bowling alley. Tenpin bowling is easy to learn and not only does it strengthen and tone your muscles it also helps to improve your hand-eye co-ordination. Those who participate regularly in bowling improve their balance, flexibility and strength. There is also a low risk of injury making it suitable for the grandparents to join in as well.

Start a home disco!

Turn your living room into a disco, grab some glow sticks, turn the lights off, pump the music and dance the night (or day) away. Not only will everyone be laughing and having fun, but you will also get your heart pumping.

Games galore! Follow the leader, star jump competitions, musical chairs or Twister are just a few games that you can play at home with the kids. Create your own obstacle course, boot camp or scavenger/treasure hunt using things you have at home.

Healthy Harold's at home scavenger hunt

Follow the simple instructions and keep your kids active during those cold and rainy winter months.

Healthy Harold

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Get your preschool moving

The Life Education preschool program has been designed to educate and inspire young children to make healthy choices surrounding physical activity.

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