Healthy oral care habits for children

Good oral health habits start early. Tooth decay can start as soon as the first tooth appears, our easy to follow tips will help create healthy habits in your children's lives.

Start caring for your children

Start early
Start oral care for your baby during the first few days after birth by wiping the gums with a clean, moist gauze pad or washcloth at least twice a day.

Brush your teeth for 2 minutes twice a day

Two minutes twice daily
Your child should brush their teeth for two minutes twice daily to help reduce their risk of tooth decay and gum disease. 

Limit your child’s intake of sugars to approximately 3 teaspoons daily.

Limit sugar to 3 teaspoons
For best oral care, try to limit your child’s intake of sugars to approximately 3 teaspoons daily.


Don't rinse immediately
Your child should not rinse their mouth with water straight after brushing, they should spit out any excess toothpaste instead. 

Pea sized paste when under 3

Use the right amount
Easily measure the right amount of Flouride toothpaste - the size of a grain of rice for children younger than 3, and the size of a pea for children over 3.

Replace your brush regulary

Replace your brush regularly
Your child’s toothbrush should be replaced every 3 months or when the bristles are splayed out, worn-looking or missing.

Dentist before 1st birthday

Dentist before 1st birthday
Take your child to the dentist/primary healthcare provider after their first tooth has pushed through and no later than their first birthday.

Downloadable oral healthcare checklists

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