5 tips for a happy and healthy Easter!

Easter is a season filled with yummy sweet treats! For many, the holiday is all about baskets filled with sugary chocolate eggs. When considering a healthy approach (for and your children), we don't advise depravation - it will only result in binge eating later on. 

Did you know that just one medium-sized (150g) bunny contains half of the recommended daily amount of sugar? With that in mind, here are our top tips for a healthy Easter.

Don’t deprive yourself 

Easter chocolates

This is very important, as deprivation often leads to bingeing later on. If you’re craving a slice of cake or some creamy chocolate, then go ahead and enjoy it – but remember to do so mindfully.

Start the day right

Child drinking breakfast smoothie

You may not be able to control what's served at the lunch table, but you certainly can control what you eat when you wake up. Make a giant green smoothie so you load up on nutrients and fibre, or try a protein shake, eggs or try our delicious, fun and healthy purple pancakes!


Mother and child in kitchen cooking

Don your aprons and make health(ier) cookies instead of chocolates and hand-decorated eggs are a great option staying on the Easter theme.

While talking eggs, drop the chocolate for the Easter egg hunt and try some colourful & fillable plastic eggs, including a small toy or even a gold coin for older children. The possibilities are endless.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking water is a healthy choice

Drink a glass of water before you indulge in your meal in order to make you feel fuller, faster. Try a thin slice of cucumber or lemon in your glass for a clean and refreshing twist.

Get active

Active Mum and child

It's tempting to spend time away from school and work lazing about but why not get outside; visit a new park, enjoy some fresh air or simply move. Check out our list of weekend family activities!