Growing your own salad bowl

Lettuce, baby spinach, spring onions and Asian greens, not only are they a super healthy choice, they’re small plants that are easy for kids to grow at home. And we all know, when kids are involved in the growing vegetables, they’re more likely to eat them!

From sowing seeds and caring for the crop to excitingly waiting and picking your own vegetables, your kids will love being involved in the process. It's not a long wait either, some leafy greens will be ready just 6 weeks and the leaves can be picked over many weeks after that!

7 steps to growing your own salad bowl

1. Select a pot at least 30cms in diameter
2. Place the pot in a sunny position (6 hours a day is ideal) and fill with potting mix
3. Choose seeds for your favourite leafy greens
4. Sow the seeds following packet instructions
5. Water gently until the potting mix is moist
6. When seedlings are 5cm tall, feed with liquid plant food
7. Pick the leaves as they grow (the more you pick the more leaves will grow)

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