Dr Kristy's top tech tips

Kristy Goodwin, digital health expert

According to leading digital health, wellbeing and learning expert, Dr Kristy Goodwin, parents often experience ‘techno-guilt’ and guesswork when it comes to helping their kids navigate the online environment. It is critical, according to Dr Kristy, as modern parents, that we set firm guidelines and are the ‘pilots of the digital plane’ and not the passenger.

Dr Kristy’s top tech-tips

Be actively involved in your children and teens’ digital lives.
Not limited to being Facebook friends or following them on Instagram, start offline conversations about the online world and listen attentively. 

Set technology boundaries
What technology kids use, the times of the day devices are used and places in the home where technology is used and prohibited.

Encourage your kids to speak up
If your child has been cyberbullied, you want them to come to you as an immediate response.

Don’t take away kids’ screen time as a punishment
This will make them less likely to disclose to you if they have been cyberbullied due to fear of missing further screen time.

Is your school cyber-safe?

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