School holiday digital detox

Digital detox

School holidays are the perfect time to take some genuine time-out from our technology-based lives. No need to worry about homework, the constant email traffic from school or madly Google recipes for dinner. It’s the perfect time to down tech-tools.

Let's remind children that there is life outside the digital world – a fact that is often forgotten among certain family members. Three steps to a successful digital detox.

1. Make a commitment and agree on the rules

Make sure you have a commitment from all team members. Perhaps a reward might help get some across the line! Agree on the timeframe and the rules. I am going to recommend a 3-day detox off all devices except calls on smartphones and an hour of TV time per day

2. Find something interesting to do

I am not a camper but I am going to take my boys into the wilderness away from the lure of hilarious YouTube videos during our detox. I haven’t finalised the destination but be assured that WiFi will absolutely NOT be available where we will be camping – just in case they had planned on cheating. If you are not a camper, schedule in some trips to galleries and museums, create a day adventure to a new beach or scenic spot. Dust off the boardgames, get out the trusty pack of cards or cook up a storm in the kitchen. A new activity is also a wonderful way to create some team bonding!

Regularly check in to see how the team is feeling

If the grumbles and moans are constant then maybe skip this step. But if you can see that your kids are really enjoying the change to their routine then why not ask them how they are feeling. Encourage them to be mindful and aware of how refreshed and less stressed they feel away from technology.

3. Debrief and change the way you do tech

Sit down with your team post detox and work out a plan on how to reduce the time spent on technology in your household. Brainstorm ways that you can be better connected without using technology. Why not schedule in some tech-free time as part of your normal weekly routine? After 3 days of activities and real-life interactions, I have a sneaking suspicion that your team members might just vote that in.

Clearly I am a huge fan of technology, however, I believe we all need to take a moment to ‘unplug’ and reconnect with our real lives in the real world. As parents, it is essential that we take the time to teach our kids not to fill our time with things other than technology-related activities.

Be inspired

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