Part of our preventative health education program, Decisions is a fun interactive learning experience that helps children aged 10 to 13 understand the impact alcohol and other drugs have on their bodies and empowers them to make safer and healthier choices.

In today’s complex world it can be challenging for children to make safe, healthy decisions. The decision by some young people to use alcohol, tobacco or other drugs can prevent them from reaching their full potential. 

This module offers a choice of content on legal drugs or legal and illegal drugs. Students will explore the decision-making process and improve their decision-making skills by looking at choices, consequences, responsibility, facts, and influences. Topics covered include:

  • What is a drug and how drugs are classified?
  • Effects of drugs on the body.
  • Analysing health messages about drugs in the media.
  • Messages around non-use – normative data – dispelling myths.
  • Influences on decision making – family, peers, media, culture, financial, legal.
  • Strategies and skills to be safe.

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What can you do at home

As parents, we encourage you to extend your child’s learning, by working with them to explore the downloadable activities below.

5 Steps to safer decisions Helping our children Talking about drugs 

Our approach to drug education

Building year on year with age and stage appropriate content and delivery methods, which are linked to both the Australian Curriculum and NSW PDHPE Syllabus, Life Education is empowering children to make safe and healthy choices.

Parent resources

Psychologist and one of Australia’s most respected and popular parenting authors, Dr Justin Coulson, shares valuable parenting insights in this series of helpful resources.

Who has more influence; parents or peers?
Sharing why our children are often more influenced by their peers and how we can win influence back.
Increasing our influence

Why children don't think before they act
 Helping parents to understand why even "smart children" don't think before they act.
Thinking before they act

Why is it ok for you to drink alcohol?
Answering the frequently asked question - why do you drink alcohol?
Why do you drink alcohol?

How to talk about drugs with your children
How and when to have this discussion in a positive and productive manner.
Start the conversation

What to do in an emergency
Expert advice from Nick Adam, an intensive care nurse, and Professor Gordian Fulde, former Director of Emergency at St Vincent's Hospital.
What to do in an emergency 

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Some good news

Most young people are making safe choices, looking after themselves and looking after their friends. A message we don't always hear in the media.