Primary - Decisions - Years 5-7

If a Life Education Educator came to visit your child’s school today they may have participated in the ‘Decisions’ session.

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What is ‘Decisions’?

Decisions is one of our Life Education Modules. It is a fun interactive learning experience that aims to empower children to make safer and healthier choices. 

In today’s complex world it can be challenging for children to make safe, healthy decisions. The decision by some young people to use alcohol, tobacco or other drugs can prevent them from reaching their full potential.

This module offers a choice of content on legal drugs or legal and illegal drugs. Students will have explored the decision-making process and improve decision-making skills by looking at choices, consequences, responsibility, facts, and influences.

  • What is a drug and how drugs are classified

  • Effects of drugs on the body

  • Analysing health messages about drugs in the media

  • Messages around non-use – normative data – dispelling myths

  • Influences on decision making – family, peers, media, culture, financial, legal

  • Strategies and skills to be safe

What can you do at home

We also encourage you to extend your child’s learning, by working with them to explore the activities and to start the conversations listed on these three downloadable posters.

Poster One: 5 Steps to Safe Decision Making 

Poster Two: Helping our chidlren

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