Cybersafety for Parents - Vodcasts

Divided into three topics, Risk, Usage, and Understanding – these videos act as a guide for parents, with some helpful tips about new technology, key terminology and how to react to inappropriate behaviour or offensive content online.

1. Know the risks
2. Time online
3. Understanding technology

Vodcast 1: Know the risks the internet can expose your children to

Vodcast 2: Exploring how children spend their time online

Vodcast 3: Understanding new technology

Cybersafety for Parents - 5 key points

1. Children are using the internet more than ever.

2. It is important for parents to learn how to engage with the latest trends in technology.

3. Risks are increasing with new technologies, it is important for parents to positively manage these.

4. There are a variety of resources on the topic of cybersafety.

5. It is important to build a positive relationship with technology for the whole family.

Is your school cyber-safe?

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