Create a kids dinosaur garden

Plastic dinosaurs make great toys. They come in all shapes and sizes and, despite their prehistoric age, are a favourite for many children. They are also a great way to turn your garden (or part of it) into an amazing space for adventure and play.

In a sheltered part of the garden, use pebbles to create a small riverbed, surrounded by Jurassic looking plants like mosses, ferns, small palms and grassy plants such as mondo grass or liriope. Get your children involved and engaged in the process by taking them along to the garden centre to choose a few of their favourite dinosaur garden plants. Add a few larger rocks and some small logs and then place the dinosaurs in amongst the plants and on the rocks. Hang some flying pterodactyls from larger plants or stakes for an extra prehistoric touch.

Children will love playing with their dinosaurs in this magical outdoor space.

You can also create a smaller dinosaur garden in a terrarium, with compact plants, small rocks and pint-sized dinosaurs ideal for a child’s bedroom.

Create your dinosaur garden

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