Connection while socially distancing

Connection is critical for our wellbeing. While the recommended social distancing measures make this difficult, it is by no means impossible. Online chat, letters and video games are great options.

Chat online

Thanks to technology, most households have access to devices that allow us to stay in touch with our friends, classmates and family. Setup e-playdates for your children or chat online with other families in your network. 

Part of being a responsible digital citizen is being aware of who they are connecting with and ensuirng the platforms they are using are safe and secure.

Send “old school” letters

While it might take a few days to arrive, the time and effort put into writing a letter will be appreciated by those who receive it.

Online video games

Mother playing video games

They compete for the attention of many young minds, though video games can be a great way for children to remain connected. Read our 5 tips for safe gaming and consider picking up a controller yourself.