bCyberwise Monster Family - App

Life Education and McAfee Present the bCyberwise Monster Family Game

One awesome monster castle, 4 fun family members, hidden items, mini games and Snuzzle the dragon, lets you sharpen your cyber safety skills while helping the monster family stay cyber safe.

The Nubbins have just set up their internet connection and your job is to help them use the internet safely and securely whilst nasty Rottenpox, who has been picking on them, tries to get in the way.

As you explore the Nubbin Castle you’ll learn how to use the internet safely, protect your personal information, recognise a safe website and be positive and respectful online. You’ll need to hunt down objects and use clues to conquer the challenging mini games.

Anyone can have fun with this game which is a valuable resource for children 8 – 13 years and parents and teachers who care about children’s online safety.

5 locations to explore
Mini games designed to consolidate cyber safety messages
Aligns with Australian Curriculum Health and PE, English and ICT capability

Content Covered
Protecting personal information
Positive respectful communication
Cyber bullying
Help seeking
Safe behaviours when using ICT

Privacy Disclosure

Does not contain ads.
Does not contain in-app purchases.
Does not contain integration with social networks.
Does not use analytics / data collection tools.

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