bCyberwise’ focuses on the importance of being safe and respectful online. Helping your child understand why being a responsible digital citizen is vital for their own safety as well as their friends and family.

What did they learn?
Children today really are digital natives, so it is more crucial than ever that they understand the importance of being safe and respectful whilst learning and having fun online. ‘bCyberwise’ is about cybersafety, cyber security and cyber ethics. This module helps children to develop their knowledge and skills around these three areas. The children learn about:

  • How to be responsible and respectful when using online technology
  • The importance of keeping personal information safe and not telling other people private passwords or arranging to meet with strangers
  • Strategies to use if exposed to inappropriate content online; for example deleting and blocking unwanted messages or talking to an adult
  • What to do if they or their friends experience cyberbullying or are being cyberbullied themselves.

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bCyberwise Monster Family app

bCyberwise Monster Family App

Join the Nubbins’ and explore their vast monster castle as they learn how to use the internet safely, protect personal information, recognise a safe website and be positive and respectful online.

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bCyberwise Chatterbox

Print out and fold up the chatterbox to create a fun online safety game. Play against your kids or ask them to test each other, discovering and discussing a new safety tip with each go.

Download the bCyberwise Chatterbox

Get creative as a family and design a set of house technology rules (glitter and glue encouraged!) and stick them up near the computer or next to the fridge to remind everyone to be cyber safe and cyber wise. Some rules could include:

  • No phones while eating dinner
  • Always use strong passwords
  • Don’t give out personal information over the internet
  • Only add people you have actually met on social media
  • Always talk to an adult if you feel unsure or unsafe

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