All Systems Go

Our ‘All Systems Go’ module focuses on the human body; it's uniqueness and what is needed to keep it healthy. This session helps your child understand why maintaining a healthy body and brain is the key to leading an active and productive life, and gives them the tools to make sure they stay healthy.

What did they learn?
Inside a futuristic machine ‘The Venture’, the Captain and his crew take your child on a tour of the human body. Travelling through the blood they explore the functions of various body parts and how magnificent the human body really is. Children discover:

  • how to make healthy choices and that what we eat, drink and breathe affects the whole body and how it works.
  • that physical activity and an active lifestyle leads to a healthy body inside and out.
  • helpful ways to keep safe from second hand smoking.
  • what to do if they feel under pressure or experience stressful situations.

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Ready, Set, All Systems Go App

Ready, Set, All Systems Go App

Get your whole family together and learn about parts of key systems of the human body. Discover how each body part helps to make your body work and test your skills against your family to see who will be the healthy champion!


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