Program results

Divided into six key themes, the following is a summary of the evidence base that underpins our program and demonstrates its effectiveness:

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Program design

The design of the Life Education program aligns well with the critical design features of school education programs that have been most effective in achieving positive outcomes.

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Program outcomes

Our program seeks to:

  • Build AWARENESS of the topic or issue(s) covered
  • Encourage REFLECTION on the effect of the topic or issue
  • Share KNOWLEDGE that students need to make informed decisions
  • Help students identify and develop response STRATEGIES 
  • Help students to develop the SKILLS and confidence that they need to apply those strategies on a day to day basis.

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Program logic

Our program follows a clear sequence for maximum impact:

  • Program elements: Creation, review and provision to the classroom teacher.
  • Pre-session: Our educators meet with school staff to identify student needs.
  • Educational session: conducted with students and involving the classroom teacher.
  • Post-session: Class teachers use post-visit resources in lessons with students.

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Program theory

The theory underpinning the Life Education program is sound and consistent with contemporary research on the development of health-promoting behaviours. The Life Education program model draws on some long-established and well-respected theories in the psychological literature on motivation and behaviour that argue that all behaviours, including health and lifestyle choices, are largely learned.

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Program Evaluation

The evaluation shows our program to be effective in helping students to:

  • Build their awareness and understanding of how different things can influence their safety and health
  • Value their safety and health and that of those around them
  • Develop attitudes that can pre-dispose them to make safer and healthier choices
  • Identify strategies and build confidence and skills that can help them to deal with peer and community pressure and be safer and healthier

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  • Our evidence base

    A summary of the evidence base underpinning our program and demonstrating its effectiveness

  • Evidence of our effectiveness

    Overseen and compiled by independent consultant, Regina Hill, this evaluation involved the collection of survey data from 8,658 students in 136 schools across Queensland, all of whom had recently experienced our program.

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