Life Education Online: Committed to supporting children, parents and school communities to stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Life Education Program is now available online.

Life Education ONLINE

Our Primary School Modules

Consisting of 12 purpose built, issue specific and age appropriate modules designed to engage, inspire and empower students.

  • My Body Matters

    Designed for foundation students, focusing on hygiene, nutrition, physical activity, and safety at home, school, and in the community.

  • Harold's Friend Ship

    Foundation and year 1 students, explore the qualities of a good friend, feelings and emotions, early warning signs, and safe and unsafe situations.

  • Ready Steady Go!

    Year 1 students discover the benefits of healthy eating, physical activity, and how our body reacts in different situations.

  • Safety Rules!

    Year 1 and 2 students find out how to seek out safe spaces and how friends can care for and support each other.

  • Growing Good Friends

    Exploring physical activity, nutrition, personal safety, and positive relationships with year 2 students.

  • All Systems Go

    Year 2,3 and 4 students join the Captain and his crew inside ‘The Venture’ machine on a tour of the human body.

  • bCyberwise

    Helping year 3 and 4 students to be wise when it comes to relationships - both off and online.

  • Mind Your Medicine

    Year 3 and 4 students explore the world of medicines; how they help, affect the body and why some people need them.

  • On The Case

    Year 5 and 6 students join time travelling detective, Mac McHardy, to investigate effects of tobacco smoking

  • Think Twice

    Empowering year 5 and 6 students to make educated decisions around alcohol

  • Relate, Respect, Connect

    Year 5, 6 and 7 students learn the skills and strategies required to build healthy relationships

  • Decisions

    Helping senior primary school students navigate the world of legal and illegal drugs.

Extending the experience

Our program is most effective when students are engaged before and after a visit from Life Education. To make this possible, we’ve designed pre and post resources for teachers to use in the classroom and resources for parents to follow up at home. 

  • Booking
  • Pre-visit
  • Visit
  • Resources
  • 1 Booking

    Want to know if Life Education already comes to your child's school or arrange a visit if it doesn't? You can also use this form and we'll get back to you.

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  • 2 Pre-visit

    We support primary school teachers with developed educational resources before our visit.

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  • 3 Visit

    Each session is designed to intrigue, excite and prompt further learning. Joined by, Healthy Harold, our specially trained educators bring to life lessons that empower children to make safer and healthier choices, now and in the future.

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  • 4 Resources

    Designed to support teachers in the classroom before and after our visit, we also have developed educational apps and parent resources to extend the learning at home.

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