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Life Education Online

Life Education will not let physical restrictions stop them from supporting children, parents and school communities to stay safe and healthy.

Based on our most popular modules, Life Education Online provides valuable lessons exploring healthy eating, personal safety, physical activity, cybersafety and the impact of alcohol and other drugs.

All modules are aligned to the Australian Curriculum, NSW PDHPE Syllabus and Victorian Curriculum and are designed to help students progress their learning while limiting the demand on parents and teachers.   

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Online Modules

  • Harold's Friend Ship

    For Foundation/year 1. Exploring the qualities of a good friend, feelings and emotions, early warning signs, and safe and unsafe situations.

  • Ready Steady Go

    For year 1. Focusing on the benefits of healthy eating, physical activity, safety strategies and how our body reacts in different situations.

  • Safety Rules

    Designed for years 1 - 2. Helping children to problem solves focussing on caring for others, maintaining freindships, recognising safe and unsafe situations and people who can help.

  • Growing Good Friends

    For year 2. Exploring physical activity, nutrition, understanding health messages, personal safety and positive relationships.

  • My Body Matters

    Designed for lower primary. Join Healthy Harold to learn about hygiene, healthy foods, the benefits of physical activity and sleep, and safety (at home, in school, and in the community).

  • bCyberwise

    Designed for years 2 - 4. Explores a range of issues such as password security, risks of sharing personal information, how to communicate respectfully and strategies to handle cyberbullying.

  • Decisions

    Designed for years 5 - 7. Explores the decision-making process by looking at information, consequences, responsibility, fact and influences. Topics include legal and illicit drugs.

  • Relate Respect Connect

    Equips upper primary school students with the knowledge, skills and strategies to help them develop safe and respectful relationships - face to face and online.

  • All Systems Go

    Designed for years 3 - 4. Students travel through the body investigating body systems, healthy food choices, self management and communcation strategies.

  • Mind Your Medicine

    Designed for years 3 - 4. Students investigate medicines and their safe use. Focussing on positive communication, students develop strategies for managing conflict, stress and bullying.

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