How our program works

We offer your school something that no other organisation can - the face to face delivery of an essential curriculum-based program empowering children to make safe and healthy lifestyle choices.

What's included?

When you book a Life Education program at your school, this includes:

  • Sessions delivered in our Mobile or Pop Up Classrooms by specialist educators
  • A unique, impacting and memorable experience for your students
  • Print and online teacher and student resources – with lesson plans and interactive activities
  • Customised parent information sessions
  • Booking
  • Pre-visit
  • Visit
  • Resources
  • 1 Booking

    Want to know if Life Education already comes to your child's school or arrange a visit if it doesn't? You can also use this form and we'll get back to you.

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  • 2 Pre-visit

    We support primary school teachers with developed educational resources before our visit.

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  • 3 Visit

    Specially trained educators present vital health and safety messaging through tactile and multisensory activities. Each session is designed to intrigue and excite children of all ages, which captures their imagination and has a lasting impact! Joined by Life Education's loveable mascot Healthy Harold our educators bring to life lessons that empower children to make safer and healthier choices, now and in the future.

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  • 4 Resources

    Not only do we support primary school teachers with resources for before and after our visit, but we have also developed educational and fun apps, and take home material to support parents in the home.

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