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In partnership with schools we deliver a curriculum based program to Preschools, Primary and Secondary schools. Visiting over 710,000 children every year, we help children achieve the learning outcomes of the Australian Curriculum


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We deliver a curriculum based program to schools throughout Australia.

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Life Education in schools

Research shows that well designed school-based health education programs play an important role in helping children develop the skills needed to make informed decisions.

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Our mobile classroom allows children to explore creative and collaborative learning in a space that is entirely different from a traditional classroom. There are no desks, pens or paper. Children are encouraged to participate and learn through engaging educational experiences, which we believe bring out the best in all children.

By taking a comprehensive approach to drug and health education, our modules help children to develop relationship skills, positive communication (both face to face and online), problem-solving and decision making skills. We provide students with the opportunity to develop strategies and practice the skills required to avoid the harms associated with an unhealthy lifestyle.

We encourage all children to have a go and be themselves - as our founder Ted Noffs said, 'each and every child is unique' - our educators continue this belief with every class they work with.