Monday, 26 Jun 2017

Westmead students learn to bCyberwise

Around 750 students from Westmead Public School learnt how to bCyberwise, thanks to a visit from Healthy Harold and the Life Education van.

Developed in 2013, the bCyberwise module explores cyber safety through animation, vox pops, real life scenarios, discussion and problem solving around positive relationships with online and offline friends, safe and respectful behaviour online, responsible behaviours when using technology, keeping personal details safe and dealing with face-to-face and cyber bullies.

“We saw it as a natural step to go into and another area to make a difference in children’s lives,” educator Sally Fletcher said. “We still have the traditional drug and alcohol programs. The beauty is that schools now have 12 modules to choose from.”

The Life Education van spent two weeks at Westmead Public School, the biggest public school in NSW with more than 1400 pupils. Around 750 pupils in years 3-6 learnt about cyber bullying. The pupils use iPads in lessons from year 4.

“It’s part of their daily lives,” Mrs Fletcher said. “This is the first time Life Education has been at the school in a long time so the kids have loved learning in a different learning space and meeting Healthy Harold.”

Computer games and social media were also discussed. “We teach them that going to an adult when they need help is okay, which we hope they take into high school,” Mrs Fletcher said.

Learn more about our bCyberwise module.

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