Wednesday, 11 Jun 2014

Waterford MP Michael Latter supports health education at Waterford State School

Waterford MP Michael Latter recently attended Waterford State School to show his support for Life Education's health education program being delivered to Year 5 regarding understanding medicines and their safe use, and positive communication. Mr Latter was presented with a plaque of appreciation from Life Education Queensland.

With nearly half a million Australians abusing prescription drugs, Australia has one of the world's highest rates of legal drug abuse. Life Education plays a crucial role in prevention through education.

"Life Education's program educates our young people to make healthier and safer choices," said Mr Latter. "By educating children, we can prevent negative outcomes and help them to fulfil their potential. Life Education now also provides handy tips for parents who want to help their kids make informed decisions."

Mr Latter enjoyed the Mind Your Medicine module of the program, run by specialist educator Joanne Wyatt, in the popular Life Education Mobile Learning Centre featuring its mascot Healthy Harold the giraffe.

Using a friendly game show format, Mind Your Medicine develops students' understanding of medicines and their safe use, positive communication, strategies for managing conflict, stress and bullying, and explores how feelings influences the choices we make.

Michael Fawsitt, CEO, Life Education Queensland, presented Mr Latter with a plaque featuring examples of drawings from children who have participated in the Life Education program.

"Life Education aims to see a generation of healthy young Australians living to their full potential," said Mr Fawsitt. "We are very fortunate to have the support of Waterford MP Michael Latter and many members of parliament across the state.

"Our partnership with Queensland Health and the Federal Government's Communities for Children program has enabled Life Education to reach more schools in the Logan area. This year we will deliver a number of modules from our health education program to nearly 10,000 students across Logan City's state and independent schools, and early learning centres.

"We applaud the commitment of the leadership, teachers and parents at Waterford State School to promote healthy living. We also commend the students for embracing the program wholeheartedly today."

Sharon Millar, Waterford State School's Principal said, "We have formed an important partnership between Waterford State School, parents and Life Education. Health education requires a whole of community response and the support from Life Education in delivering health and wellbeing education is invaluable."

Life Education will deliver a number of modules from its program over two weeks to Waterford State School students from Prep all the way through to Year 7 including:

  • All Systems Go – explore the human body and the function of various parts
  • Clued Up – learn about a healthy lifestyle including personal safety
  • Harold's Heroes – learn about nutrition, the local environment and health issues
  • Harold's Mystery Tour – learn the function of internal body parts, nutrition and strategies to manage emotions
  • Harold's Surprise – learn the benefits of physical activity, nutrition and to seek help from trusted adults
  • It's Your Call – learn the consequences of a range of legal drugs, what factors influence health and behaviour, and strategies to deal with social situations
  • Mind Your Medicine – learn about medicines and the consequences of their misuse, and how effective communication is an essential component of maintaining positive relationships

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