Thursday, 27 Feb 2014

The Smoky Case

Help time travelling detective Mac McHardy and his sidekick ‘Conan’ to explore facts and find hidden clues to solve the case of why smoking is unhealthy.
Explore the facts, find hidden clues, ‘snap a photo’ and see first-hand how smoking changes the way a person looks with a "Smokey Makeover” and play “Run Conan Run” .
A fun, educational interactive game for the whole family and a valuable resource for teachers.



4 games designed to consolidate tobacco education messages
Aligns with the Australian Curriculum


What’s in a cigarette?
Physical, cosmetic and social effects of smoking
Benefits of being a non-smoker


Does not contain ads.
Does not contain in-app purchases.
Does not contain integration with social networks.
Does not use analytics / data collection tools.

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