Tuesday, 21 Jul 2015

Teens abstaining from alcohol is on the rise

A new study released by the Centre for Alcohol Policy revealed that the number of 14-17 year-olds abstaining from alcohol has almost doubled in the past 13 years from 28% in 2001 to 57.3% in 2013.

Speaking about the new findings, Mike Daube, Director of the McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol, suggested that one of the major reasons for this shift has been the continuing focus on ‘strong public education, and ever-increasing evidence on the harms alcohol can cause, particularly for young people’.  

With alcohol consumption continuing to contribute significantly to poor health and related problems including accidents, crime, violence and diseases, the results of this study are extremely promising.

‘Although these findings are very encouraging, we need to remain committed to ensuring that attitudes and behaviours around alcohol keep improving’, says Life Education Australia CEO, David Ballhausen.
For the past 35 years Life Education has been educating children about the benefits of living safe and healthy lives.

Our program module, Think Twice, helps children to understand the effects that alcohol can have on the body systems. We present children with the myths and facts about alcohol as well as the physical, social and legal consequence of alcohol consumption in order to give young people the tools they need when presented with making decisions around alcohol in the future.

These new findings support our belief that education is the core building block that helps children and young people feel empowered to navigate life’s decisions in order to stay safe and healthy now and in the future.
Our annual fundraising initiative, Ocsober, helps Life Education to continue the great work we do and reach even more children across Australia to deliver our vital health and safety messages. It is so simple to sign up and by losing the booze for the whole of October you really can make a difference. 

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