Monday, 11 Jul 2016

Teachers Mutual Bank supports Life Education

Life Education welcomed Teachers Mutual Bank as a new supporter of Life Education Queensland's school-based health and drug education program on 7 June in a ceremony at Wilston State School.  

Teachers Mutual Bank will provide a monetary contribution towards the running of Life Education Queensland’s program.

Theresa Mason, Executive Manager of Teachers Mutual Bank, attended Wilston State School with Life Education Queensland CEO Michael Fawsitt, to see the mobile learning centre in action.

Ms Mason said, "Teachers Mutual Bank is delighted to support Life Education Queensland and the teachers of Queensland in educating young people so they can make informed choices about their health and safety.

"As the only national, teacher focused bank in Australia, we want to support the Queensland education community by providing even greater access to this vital student program.

"The bank collaborates with a wide range of education partners that support teachers, administrative and support staff, and principals. We invest 4.55% of our pre-tax profits in the community. This amount of community investment is more than 12 times the Australian financial services industry average and over 3 times the global average*," said Ms Mason.

"Teachers Mutual Bank and Life Education hold very similar values and will work to ensure students are equipped to fulfil their potential."

Michael Fawsitt, CEO of Life Education Queensland, said, "Life Education is an opportunity that every Queensland child deserves. Last year we reached more than 180,000 Queensland students. Thanks to Teachers Mutual Bank’s sponsorship, we can increase our reach and educate even more young Queenslanders about how to make smart choices regarding their safety and health.

"However there is a cost to delivering these vital life lessons including specialist trained educators, the mobile learning centres, the electronics and teaching aids inside the vans to make the lessons memorable, workbooks for the kids, manuals for the teachers, resources for the parents and so on. So we really value and appreciate the financial support provided by Teachers Mutual Bank."

Life Education Queensland supports 8,326 teachers across the state with additional lesson plans which can be implemented according to classes’ individual lesson requirements

"Life Education understands that teachers are time poor in an already crowded curriculum. So in addition to the lessons delivered by our specialist educators in the mobile learning centre, we provide resources such as teacher manuals and student workbooks, interactive whiteboard lessons, and further online learning experiences to help teachers to galvanise the students’ learning in the classroom," said Mr Fawsitt.

As part of the celebration of the new partnership, Teachers Mutual Bank provided the teachers at Wilston State School with a morning tea to show appreciation for the important work they do every day educating our future generation.

"We believe teachers do one of the most important jobs in the world, and Teachers Mutual Bank’s focus is to support them in their incredible work. We put teachers at the heart of everything we do," said Ms Mason.

"By investing in the education sector and community, we are investing in teachers now and into the future."

Guy Hendriks, Wilston State School’s Principal said, "Wilston State School is committed to the provision of a variety programs that enable our students to become well-rounded and confident individuals, to ensure that all students achieve their potential as they journey 'Ever Onward'.

"Life Education is an important partner providing vital health education, so our students can learn crucial lessons now that they will carry into their adult lives."

Life Education delivered a number of modules from its program over 12 days to Wilston State School’s students from Prep all the way through to Year 6, which are sequential and age appropriate. Topics range from nutrition, the benefits of physical activity, the function of internal body parts, the health impacts of smoking, and strategies to cope with peer and social pressures.

*as measured by the London Benchmarking Group