Friday, 11 Apr 2014

Study: Teens More Likely To Stay Sober

A new study analysing trends in alcohol consumption collected by the National Drug Strategy Household Survey has found a significant reduction in the number of Australian teens using alcohol and illicit drugs.

Between 2001 and 2010, the number of teenagers choosing to abstain from alcohol rose from 33% to more than 50%.

For 35 years, Life Education has been empowering our children and young people to make safer and healthier choices through education. By delivering modules such as Think Twice in Australian primary schools, Life Education has equipped students to manage the pressures they will face concerning alcohol when they reach high school.

National Training Manager Robyn Richardson welcomed the study stating that the messages Life Education deliver in our Mobile Classrooms are helping normalise the idea that it is okay for school-aged Australians to choose not to drink leading to safer and healthier choices concerning alcohol.

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